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Pilfer (Beloved/Part 2/Page 225 (Red Book))
Pronunciation: pil-fer

-To steal things that are not very valuable or to steal a small amount of something.

Context: “Schooltecher took away the guns from the Sweet Home men and, deprived of game to round out their diet of breat, beans, hominy, vegetables, and a little extra at slaughter time, they began to pilfer in earnest, and it became not only their right but their obligation.”

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pilfer


Domesticity (noun): life inside a home: the activities of a family or of the people who share a home (Merriam-Webster)

Found on Page 50, paragraph 11 of “The Cottagette”–>”Don’t be foolish, child,” said Lois, “this is serious. What they care for most after all is domesticity. Of course they’ll fall in love with anything; but what they want to marry is a homemaker.”

I believe this word in the quote means that Lois was telling Malda that in order for Ford Matthews to love her or marry her, she would always have to be a woman that was fervently involved in the duties of a homemaker such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and doing anything that involved the needs of the family.