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Cupola  (A Rose for Emily/Section 1/Paragraph 2/Sentence 1)
Pronunciation: cu (Q)- po(Poh) -la (Lah)

-A rounded roof or part of a roof
-A small structure that is built on top of a roof.

Context: “It was a big, squarish frame house that had once been white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies…”

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cupola

CupolaExample of a Cupola

Image Source: http://www.custombarnbuilding.com/project-gallery/components/cupolas/


Aquiver (adjective): shaking or trembling because of strong emotion; quivering (Merriam-Webster)

Found on Paragraph 5 of “The Story of an Hour”–>“She could see in the open square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life.”

I believe the word in this quote means that the trees that Mrs. Mallard was watching from her bedroom window were shaking (excited) to blossom with new leaves.