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“A Rose For Emily”

In “A Rose For Emily” by William Faulkner, you can see that Emily had power. She was told countless times that she had to pay taxes and even even received many letters telling her to do so. When they visited her house to tell her upfront that she had to pay taxes, she said “I have no taxes in Jefferson. Colonel Sartoris explained it to me. Perhaps one of you can gain access to the city records and satisfy yourselves.”(p2 section 1). Even owning a butler shows that she has power because she orders him to do things that she herself would not do. Another person who had power was her father. Her father had driven away all the young men that were around Emily.(p3 section 2) I felt that the people who hopped into Emily’s yard to fix her odor problem has power. They complained many times to Board of Alderman saying that her place smelled bad, but in the end the Board of Alderman did nothing. So at night they would sneak into the yard and sprinkle lime to erase the harsh odor.

The people who didn’t have power were the Board of Alderman, who told Emily to pay for taxes. All the times they told her to pay taxes she never did and wounded up with nothing in the end. I felt like Emily herself was powerless against her father because she had no contact to boys when she was young and had to do whatever he told her to do. She was also being talked about because she never stepped outside of her house and not even been with a man even though her father has passed.

“A Story Of An Hour” & “A Jury Of Her Peers”

In “A Story Of An Hour” by Kate Chopin and “A Jury Of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell both protagonist have different actions taken towards the death of their husbands.

In “A Story Of An Hour”. Mrs. Mallard, who was afflicted with heart trouble found out that her husband died from a railroad disaster. Immediately she started to weep in sorrow because she lost the person she loved the most. She would confine herself in a room feeling depressed that shes going to be all alone from now on. She then burst out saying that she was finally free over and over again “Free! Body and soul free!” (p2). I felt like she was repeating it over and over again because she can’t face the fact that she’s going to start a new life by herself now that she didn’t know what to do because she usually does it with her husband. Her emotions are building up at this point and then she sees her husband walk through the door unharmed, it was too much for her to take in due to the fact that she has heart troubles, she dies.

In “A Jury Of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell, Mrs. Wright was taken into custody because Mr. Hale found her husband dead in bed with a rope around his neck. When Mr. Hale confronted her and asked her what had happen and who did it, she simply just laughed (p261). She showed no emotion due to the fact that her husband died, implying that it was her who killed him. Throughout the story it showed the events that led her to killing her own husband. For example when Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peter found the quilt they noticed that one of the stitching was poorly done saying that when she was doing it she was nervous. Shows that she was thinking about killing her husband if she should do it or not. Another example would be when they found the dead bird in the box. Shows that she had enough of how her husband didn’t like her to sing so she had to do something.


Hello class my name is Harrison Mok and I’m majoring in Accounting. I decided to major in accounting because in high school I found it pretty interesting. I guess that I was pretty good at math that it was kind of easy for me back in high school. Now its totally different and more challenging. This is my second year in City Tech and I’m enjoying it pretty far. I’m working on my associates degree so then I can transfer to Baruch. People would always ask me why I choose accounting because they always found it boring with all the numbers. I would tell them that it wasn’t that bad it was just simple math just adding and subtracting. I kind of find accounting useful in life because everyone needs a accountant am I right?

I’m the type of person who loves food and would not stop until I get what I’m craving. I sometimes thought of going into culinary arts and learning how to cook. I always thought that cooking looked fun because you get to cook something and in the end you get to eat it. If you need someone to go eat with it would be me because I would go no matter what if it involves food.

I AM A GAMER!(PC MASTER RACE) The games I play mostly would be League Of Legends or Counter Strike Global Offensive and other games I get on Steam. People sometimes say playing games are a waste of time, but I don’t think so because people can get a job by just playing games. I play games because it helps me relax from school, it would pull me out of reality for a few hours to stop myself from stressing, and would come back relaxed and ready to work on homework.

So I’m currently taken right now so sorry all you ladies out there. I don’t want to get all lovey dovey, but yea shes special. She’s a Bio major and currently goes to Stanford (but really Pace). She would constantly talk about science all the time when we are eating, but I got used to it.