Project 2 Halle’s View

The story “Beloved” by Toni Morrison has a very interesting writing style. Morrison uses flashbacks as a way to understand the character and their actions. Halle doesn’t have a voice of his own In “Beloved”, and I feel like he would have a lot to say. We learn about him mostly through Sethe’s flashback, and of his fate from Paul D’s memories. We find out that after seeing the things he did, Halle went crazy, and that is why he never showed up for Sethe.  One could only imagine what went though his mind, not being able to help his wife for fear of death. Going insane was the only way his mind could deal with the (psychological) pain. In this “missing chapter” from “Beloved,” we see Halle’s last few hours of sound mind, his reason for hiding out, and what went through his mind before it snapped.

Project 2 Part 2

Halle is in the rafters, right above his wife. It was easy to remain hidden from view in the darkness. He was thankful for that, for if she knew he was hiding, she would know what a coward he was.  How can he face her, after letting that happen to her. Hearing her screaming, and trying to fight them off and the worst part of all -hearing them laugh.

Earlier in the night he saw what happened to Sixo. The singing of “Seven-O” woke him up. Thinking that this night it would remain safe to stay out of sight, Halle ran to his safe spot. Up in the rafters of the barn, where he had hidden many times before. He started dozing off, but woke at the sound of someone entering the barn. By the time he maneuvered to be able to see who it was, the door was shut, and the darkness returned. A few minutes went by and he heard the sounds of more people entering the barn. Just as he was about to warn whoever was hiding below him, the nephews burst in. Holding a lantern that illuminated their ugly features, they walked in and find Sethe. “NO” he screams, but only in his head. After what they had done to Sixo, descending from the rafters to confront them would mean certain death.

For the second time that night he watched a member of his closest family being tortured right before his eyes. Many times he was so close to going down. Never mind dying, just make sure to inflict as much pain as he possibly could on those white devils. But then he thought of Sethe and three (almost four) children. If he were to die, who would protect them? Who would help Sethe escape, and get her (and the) baby to safely to freedom?

He listens to her crying, and is afraid to cry himself. How could he let her know that he was here the entire time, and have done nothing to stop them. He began whispering over and over, “I’m sorry Sethe, I’m so sorry.” Her screams in his head continued. Nothing could stop them. Sleep was impossible, food seemed revolting, his whisperings turned into rants and then shouting at imagined foes. His descent into madness had begun and there was no turning back…

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