Project #2 Cover Letter

The story “Beloved,” by Toni Morrison proved to be quite interesting.  I enjoyed reading the novel and was not surprised by the conclusion.  It was easy to relate to Sethe not thinking rationally about having her dead daughter who reincarnated live with her.  I can relate because many times we make mistakes and hope for a chance to fix those mistakes.   To Sethe this was her chance to make things right with her daughter and make her understand she killed her because she loved her.  For Part 1 of the project, deciding a pivotal moment in the novel was not difficult.  I am very proud of the fact that I was able to identify a pivotal moment and use interesting information to back up the main quote and the supporting quotes that I used.

Part 2 of project #2 was most challenging for me.  Although the story inspired me in many ways I had difficulty thinking of creative ways to depict that.  I choose to use concrete poetry.  I spent many hours trying to figure out how to do this creative method.   After figuring out how to convert my pivotal quote into a symbol, I spent some time trying to draw.  Finally, I drew a hat which represented the hat Schoolteacher wore when he came to take Sethe and her children back to Sweet Home and slavery.  I am not an artist, but I did my best.  I have definitely acquired a new skill.  I am now able to make concrete poetry.  I have also learn to use the five step method which I plan to use whenever I write similar essays.

The part of my project that I would change is the hat and the words.  I would try to draw a better hat and make it bigger and use a larger font size for the words of the quote.  I made a colored version of the hat but had difficulty pasting it in my post. I was not overly excited about the creative part of project #2.  This is because I am not a very creative person when comes to making images.  Therefore the part of project #2 assignment that I would change or eliminate is the creative aspect which is part 2.

As a writer I am intrigued by Toni Morrison’s method of writing.  I loved her creativity, the level of suspense and her use of flashbacks.  Whenever a flashback appeared in the story I became excited.  This is because each flashback gave an explanation and clarify what, why, where, when and how present day events were happening.

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