This project, like the last one was pretty challenging to do. Although we didn’t have to recreate the story, we pretty much had to think hard and look back into the story to reach the goal of this project.

What I’m really proud about in Part 1 of this project is the ability to use the 5 Step Method Professor Rosen taught us. It made organizing my essay much easier and to me, it played well. For Part 2, although it may seem simple, I’m proud of the haiku/picture symbolism. I thought pretty hard on how I would create it. I wanted something simple yet creative. In other words, I wanted to do something that no one did so far.

For Part 1, the hardest thing to do was to choose the quotes to back up my thesis statement. To others, this may seem like an easy task however, for someone who forgets the exact location of passages he reads, it’s pretty hard. I had to think hard and remember where in the story did they mention something that can back up my thesis. I even had to go back and skim through several chapters. For Part 2, the hardest thing to do was the haiku. 17 syllables is too little for such a large pivotal scene. I made about 10+ haikus about this before making my decision (with some help from my friends) to choose the haiku that can be seen in my project.

One big and useful skill I learned and acquired from this project is the implementation of the 5-Step Method for using quotes. I feel that it is something that I should remember and that it is something that I would use in the future. As I said earlier, it made organizing my essay much easier.

If I could change my project in any way, it would be to expand on Part 1. I feel that more events that related to my project could’ve been added. Thing is since I forget where events in the story occurred, it hindered me from being able to do this.

If I could change any part of Project #2, it would be similar to Project #1. The task would be to choose a pivotal scene and to change the story in a way so that your pivotal scene never occurred and the events that followed would be different. Pretty much recreate the story in a different timeline.

As I mentioned before, you may think for Part 1, “Oh he could add this and that…” however when reading a book of this caliber, I tend to forget the locations of some events so that limited me on what I could put. Other than that, this project was a good learning experience and was pretty challenging.



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