Pivotal Point of Beloved

The story of the birth of Denver merits significant attention. Two key things are happening to Sethe. She’s trying to leave Sweet Home and slavery on foot, and she’s about to give birth to Denver. Tired, hungry, with blistered feet, Sethe is nearly ready to give up hope about living through this when a girl, Amy Denver, appears before her. Amy is a nurturing and compassionate girl who works as an indentured servant.She helps Sethe when she is ill during her escape from Sweet Home, and when she sees Sethe’s wounds from being whipped, Amy says that they resemble a tree. Amy claims to be on her way to Boston to shop for velvet. Upon running into this poor woman on the verge of dying or giving birth (whichever should come first) Amy decides to help her through the experience. Amy leads her to a place where she can help Sethe be comfortable. I believe that this is the most significant pivotal point of the story because if Amy did not help Sethe when she was delivering her baby this story would of been completely different. Sethe lives for the only fact that she needs to take care of her children. She left Sweet House to start a family and if she had not given birth to Denver she might of stayed in Sweet Home.

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