The Calm Charmer Proj.2

Paul D.

To the women is a charmer,

Even with a bit in his mouth; muzzled shut like a dog; he was still attracted by women.

Sethe…she loved some Paul D, don’t get me wrong but if you read between the lines…

Denver jealous. NOT TO MENTION BELOVE!

Beloved was RAW… right under Sethe nose. 

That poor chile was pregnant before you know it…

Paul D.

Still innocent brother of Sixo, Paul A, n Paul F; Sweet Home days have tainted his life forever.

F…the chain gang don’t need em, tramatized the man life-manhood.

Paul D.

Paul D can’t change, 124; Sethe; Denver; Belove.

Paul D.

Still lost he ran away to hide.

Stamp Paid lecture that man to senses; while buttering Sethe passed actions.

Paul D awaken, arrived at 124 Beloved was gone.

Paul D was man again.


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