The Metamorphosis


“The Metamorphosis” can be read allegorically. Franz Kafka seems uses Gregor’s metamorphosis into a bug as a statement or symbol of something that happens in people’s life. I felt that Gregor turning into a bug is extremely significant to the story. People are used for many things in life to help enhances someone else’s life. Many times when a person is no longer significant, the user can be treated as if they are not important. As if the person had never done anything for them before or appreciate everything they have done for them in the past. This is exactly what has happen in the story. After the family finds out their son/ brother has turned into a bug, they slowly change their feelings towards him. He becomes a burden to the family. Grete takes on the job of feeding him and cleaning up after him. His father becomes frustrated and stressed. They could not depend on Gregor due to the fact that he became useless. He could no longer work to provide for his family. He was the only one working paying the bills. Life has rendered Gregor insignificantly.

Due to the family needing money, they brought in three new gentlemen as tenants to live to bring in money into the household. One night when the three men were listening to Grete the daughter playing the violin Gregor came out of his room to listen. The middle man out of the three noticed the “bug” Gregor and highly did not tolerant rodents. Therefore, the three gentlemen said they would not pay for rent. This made a huge impact towards the family especially Grete. She came to the conclusion that Gregor is not returning back to his normal state and all he has done is be a burden to the family. She felt like he was no longer part of the family, he was a monster. The father felt exactly the same way and thought that Gregor should leave too. This took a toll towards Gregor and towards the next day he passes away. After he died the family felt a weight has been lifted off of them. The moved on with their live as if Gregor has never existed.

Kafka uses Gregor and his metamorphosis to speak to a bigger societal problem. As stated above, his family discards him because he can no longer take care of them. His sister morphed by becoming the provider and maturing into a young women. In this case, I think that kafkaesque means change. Gregor went from being the provider to becoming useless. This can also be a message as him going from a big to small from him morphing into a bug. After reading the definition for kafkaesque it means characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities. Due to this story “The Metamorphosis” this meaning make sense because in the beginning of the story when Gregor woke up, he could not turn over on his side. He had realized that he has morphed into a bug which can be a great nightmare. This is why he quickly went back to sleep to disremember his thoughts of what he has become.

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