Neither Out Far nor In Deep (for final?)

RObert FRost’s poem titled NEither OUt FAr nor IN DEep
Wwould be great for the final. At a glance the poem seem so simple yet after really reading though the poem you get a sense of the deeper meaning that the author is trying to convey. It’s a great choice because it’S definitely relatable. (MOst of us have been to the beach or gazed out at the ocean). Frost’s takes a simple observation and raises some questions about it. I feel this poem offers many different interpretations. For example on PG 393-394, writer Peter D. Poland suggestS that the poem is about humans search far out (looking at the vast ocean) for truth, and in doing so waste their time because the truth is neither far out nor deep, but only exists right in front of them or in their world/ reality (on the land behind them). I disagree with part of this interpretation and for this reason believe that this poem would have been great for final.

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