Glossary Terms

Glossary write-up

  1. Bogey
  2. Eccentric
  3. Exalted
  4. Jitterbugging
  5. Mountainous
  6. Sordid
  7. Boudoir
  8. Pad Thai
  9. Adhan
  10. Telenovela
  11. Fringe
  12. Proliferate
  13. Bigot
  14. Hunky-Dory
  15. Shillings


While looking up these words, I realized how important it is to understand the context of the reading. Without knowing these definitions, some sentences were confusing while others flat out didn’t make sense. Understanding the meaning behind each term that I looked up helped me to grasp the meaning of the writing. Most of the words that I choose are nouns and understand them gave me insight on the work. Some were culturally or socially related such as telenovela, bigot, and jitterbugging. Others were unusual words such as bogey or adhan that I wasn’t familiar with I now understand. Knowing these definitions have helped me with identifying words from other non-school related articles.

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