The Story of an Hour

In the story of an hour it is tell us of the reality of life, because in real life there are a lot women just like Mrs. Mallard who have go through a lot of things with their husband and just accept it as if it is nothing and let the treat them like they are a nobody but take it and consume all those negative. But at the end of the day she ended up going to seek pyschological help from doctors see things  more clearly. ” Free, free, free,” it stand for everything because she don’t have to continued to live a lie and pretending to be happy when all happiness have been gone for a long time in their marriage, she was so happy for the news that she had to take herself away from her sister and Richard, so she could take everything that was meaningless at one  time but now have great value meaning, no one to abuse her not physically but emotinally where it seems that she could not speak up tell him what was on her mind because she weren’t happy and it was taking a toll on her but was too scaried to let him know but instead stay in the unhappiness which turn out to be the end of her life. At the end of the story it was happiness for her no more low self esteem and no more husband to cause all those unhappiness that she had been going through in her marriage.

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