Being Creative with Text


The passage I chose for Essay 2 as the moment most crucial to the story of Beloved by Toni Morrison was the death of Mr. Garner, and the coming of schoolteacher. This moment is important in the novel because if it would have not happened, our story would have had a different outcome, specifically, the main characters Paul D and Sethe would have not run away the way that they did in the novel. For the creative part of the assignment, I borrowed the idea of creating an image of the passage using, a website that allows you to create a word cloud with text that one would like to see in a different perspective. I thought this was interesting because the words are placed on the screen in a random order, with random font and color. This allowed me to be creative with the colors and the way the text was presented, the font the background and other interesting things that I was able to play with to make it look better. What I liked the most about using wordle, the way my text was generated and the way the image looks is that the words that stand out the most are in capital letters which are “slavery”, “rested”, “Garner”, and “alive.” These words are very strong and placing emphasis so that they can be seen better was very important.


Words we think of when we think of fiction

  • Story
  • Characters
  • Story-telling
  • Story
  • Make up story
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Adventure
  • Made up
  • Bringing life to something unreal
  • Plot
  • Reading
  • Generation of robot. Everyone has memory of computer.
  • A story
  • Realistic
  • Not real
  • Fake
  • Not real
  • Fake
  • Imagined reality as compared to a known or learned reality
  • Literature
  • Fairy tales
  • Future technology
  • Anything can happen
  • Resolving an issue
  • Imagination
  • Virtual world
  • Intangible
  • Different world
  • You can make up anything
  • Unrealistic
  • Folk tale
  • Creative writing
  • Fairy tales
  • Other world
  • Pages
  • Dragons & monsters
  • Imagination
  • Imagination
Or thought of a different way:

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Wordle: When We Think of Fiction