Queen “We Will Rock You” (Literary Arts Festival)

In a night filled with learning, laughter and music the 2013 Literary Arts Festival happened on Thursday April, 18 and it was a night that I will definitely remember for years to come. We got to hear some amazing pieces of literature that really were thought evoking.  I am very proud to say I knew two of the winners one from a previous class and the second is our classes own Damaris to her I would like to say congratulations. Her piece was thoughtful and really is something I would buy for my kindle. It was actually the story we had to re imagine for essay one in class. By far however the night was stolen by our guests of honor the director of “Brooklyn Castle” Katie Dellamaggiore and one of the students featured in the film Pobo Efekoro. We got to hear Ms Dellamaggorie’s thought process as she came across the students and how it rocketed into the wonderful movie/documentary it is today. However really and truly Mr. Efekoro stole the night with his clever innuendos and subtle wordplay he had us all captivated as he spun a tale about struggle and necessities. The realities of stopping and realizing that the little things in life truly mean the most. In his case it was his schools Chess Club a place where he could go and just fit in a place to just be himself. Without realizing it this young man at the tender age of 16 is a leader and mentor to a new generation of students who are now filling shoes he once walked in. He appears to be older than he looks and when he speaks it is with a wisdom that comes with time and experience. I learned so much and was so inspired that I for the entire night I wrote down lines and ideas for writing stories and poems. Inspiration was exuded in abundance from everyone there the atmosphere was lively and the people were amazing. At the end we got to mingle with professors and students, guests and friends just learning from each other and reflecting on what we had just experienced.