Her Beloved Which was not beloved

 (Sethe being tortured ,this picture stood out for me)

Tony Morrison is one of the most discussed authors who  can describe their entire novel in a word , and sometimes it’s not enough ever writing a entire paragraph. That’s how strong her writing is. In he famous Beloved there are various quotes but the one that .But the one that gave me an entire view of the book was the verse from Roman 9:25 where it was stated

“It was her people

Who were not her people

And her beloved

Which was not beloved “

In this two line everything about the story is told .Sethe use to live in that neighborhood where no one liked her, and he loved Beloved who she had to kill and her ghost harmed her family .So being with the people she couldn’t be their and tough love between her and beloved



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  1. Did you create this image, or take it from elsewhere? The assignment asked you to create your gallery work, not take it from an outside source. Can you develop your own work for the project?

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