The Tragic Moment

The moment I chosen to write about for essay 2 was when Sethe kills her baby daughter. If she didn’t kill the baby, the story would probably be different. At least it will create fewer tragedies. What I’m trying to write on the essay was supporting examples result from the fact of the baby’s death. First, if the baby didn’t die, Sethe’s sons, Howard and Buglar wouldn’t leave the house because they were afraid their baby sister will harm them. Secondly, Paul D wouldn’t leave 124 if he didn’t find out the fact that Sethe tried killing her children back then. He was surprised and didn’t believe it was real when he heard about her misfortune. Lastly, Beloved wouldn’t go back to Sethe if they baby didn’t die; because they believed that Beloved was the dead baby’s resurrected. All those things would not have happened if Sethe didn’t kill the baby.

So for the gallery, I drew a picture of the moment when Sethe kills her baby. One hand she is holding a saw, and other hand she has the baby on her arm. Also her two sons, Howard and Buglar were unconscious on the floor.

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