The thesis statement

Beloved is one of the most powerful novel written by Tony Morrison . Every life has their ups and downs and thought that we live. That was the main idea of this story too. But the way she assembled all the scenes ,all the flash backs and retelling of their own story in the story maid it more power. Which raise the question in our mind that how can someone write something so sweet and bitter about life at the same time .How can some one blend pain with life and show that the people living that life are some how content with their lives

In our life different things occur and we wonder that what if that specific thing did not happened in our life,wouldn’t everything be different. The same way i think that what if something happened different in this story,how much would it change the story.The point from where Paul D comes in is from where the story starts to unfold.He makes the baby ghost disappear and make her appear physically. It seems that he was the one who really carried the story . What if Hally returned ,i guess it would have answered alot more questions and rise some too.

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