The past can never be known in its entirety (BHS experience)

Visiting the brooklyn historical society gave me a clear and factual perspective of how slaves were treated in this society. It allowed me to understand a lot about this wonderful community’s past and its significance to the country as a whole.

There were some surprising revelation during our discussions with the staff of the library. The fact that some streets were still named after slave owners even though this act was seen as barbaric and in human. I felt a kind of betrayal to the slaves, if these kinds of people are still remembered after these “evil” act.

I’ve always been curious about the names of some streets close to library. They are named after fruits(cranberry, pineapple,etc). I thought I could get answers at this library but unfortunately could not. The staff said they have tried to get those answers but all to no avail. This made me to make the conclusion that a society’s past can never be known in its entirety and sometimes the only things we know about the past are those things that the very few who were powerful wants the future generation to know.

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