Death of Mr. Garner was the turning point in the story “Beloved”. Schoolteacher took over the Sweet Home after Mr. Garner died. Sufferings started as the days of schoolteacher started at sweet home. His torcher and misconduct lead the whole change in the scenario of the story. Sethe had to ran from the sweet home.

“Mr. Garner was dead and his wife had a lump in her neck the size of a sweet potato and unable to speak to anyone. She leaned as close to the fire as her pregnant belly allowed and told him, Paul D, the last of the Sweet Home men. There had been six of them who belonged to the farm, Sethe the only female. Mrs. Garner, crying like a baby, had sold his brother to pay off the debts that surfaced the minute she was widowed. Then schoolteacher arrived to put things in order. But what he did broke three more Sweet Home men and punched the glittering iron out of Sethe’s eyes, leaving two open wells that did not reflect firelight.” (Page 5, online version)

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