Visit to the BHS

The visits that we had  in BHS has totally effected my interest towards reading beloved and The runaway slaves  very positively . I always read about the run away slaves and the civil rights movement and other related topics but going to BHS got me more clear about the fact that it is more deep than it looks. On my first trip to BHS , with my group we looked at this add about this colored boy named David Smith who was a runaway slave .his physical descriptions  were not given .It gave me an idea that a master of a slave is responsible of every crime done by the slave . We had to compare the spry we read to Beloved and I realized that every human being is born free so when they are separated from their independence and looked up as a slave it is natural to run away . They might not know where to go but the only thing they know is they want freedom. But in our post we read something that explained that a slave was not owned for a life time some even had contracts with their masters for being a slave for a time period.

We got to work as a team for the presentation .This was the first time we did a group presentation in class. In order to do that we had to do team work. As a team we came up with important points and facts about the reading and adds we analyzed it helped us as a team as well as an individual . the entire work  that was done helped me a lot to understand the main essence of our reading . And it made reading Beloved way more interesting.

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