BHS Experience

There is one good thing about Brooklyn Historical Society Museum (BHS), and that is the Library on the 2nd Floor. I been to many museum but never seem a library inside the museum. The library on the 2nd FL is huge and it’s a great place for doing group projects, and class discussion and do research because all the resources in the BHS is primary and we get to see how the articles/documents looks at that time compare to today. For example, the runaway slaves ads is very small and there’s no picture of an actual slave on it, it just shows an icon of a man carrying a bag and a description of the slave. However, in today’s newspaper the ads will be post as “Missing Person” and a picture of an actual person instead of an icon, so it’s easy for people to recognize that missing person if they seen it somewhere.

It really surprised me that slavery existed in NY/Queens after I saw the runaway slaves ads at BHS because I thought slavery only existed in other states but not NY. After visiting BHS I learned that slavery can be everywhere and there’s a long history about it and I can find it in BHS if I’m interest in doing this research.

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