New learning experiences

Overall, our learning experience visiting the Brooklyn Historical Society was absolutely wonderful. It was an amazing chance to be able to look at primary documents that have been preserved for hundreds of years, and that we are able to study those documents today. I have done many research projects in which I’ve had to use several resources, and the material at the BHS,  though not for research purposes for our course, can be of very great use because most of them are primary documents. It is always great to research something and be able to use first hand materials in your research. The two visits in which we looked at runaway slave advertisements were very interesting because i have read a lot about slavery in many history classes in the past and about those ads that owners would put up in newspapers for their slaves, but i hadn’t actually seen an image of one, let alone the original newspaper it was published in. Another interesting experience I got from our visits to the BHS was being able to explore some of Brooklyn, and look at some of the streets there and see images of how it looked in the past. I grew up in the Williamsburgh part of Brooklyn so it was definitely interesting looking at what streets made up my neighborhood now and then.

The group work that we did at the BHS was very comfortable. Even though the members of our group were not all familiar with each other, we were still able to work together and deliver our presentation effectively. The groups were not so big in size so this made things more easier both while coming up with the material to present, and at the time of the oral presentations at the BHS. Everyone had a clear idea of what their task in the group was, and what they had to do so we all worked together and contributed equally to the effort put forth to complete our presentation.

I have to say that it was a wonderful experience being able to travel to the Brooklyn Historical Society, admire its architectural work, and see some of the projects that our fellow students from City Tech created at their fellowship. I liked working with the material they had set up for us, and it was a great learning experience overall.

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