Brooklyn Historical Society Visit and “Only The Dead Know Brooklyn”.

I was surprised not to see Carroll gardens as a neighborhood on this map that shows in Brooklyn in the 1900’s  but it tells me it came later on. The maps I have seen had to do with Brooklyn neighborhoods that were all around and even some from Queens was included. Also, another map showed what transportations were used back then, which were cars. Another image I observed was a map of the pavement that all around Brooklyn. In “Only the Dead Know Brooklyn” the “big guy” believed that a map was all he needed to really understand Brooklyn. I believe to understand Brooklyn, you have to travel amongst all the neighborhoods, observe the diversity between neighborhoods, spend a day or two there, eat the food, take pictures but even that’s not enough. To understand Brooklyn, it would really took a lifetime. I believe that I have somewhat gotten to know Brooklyn, I have been to almost all the neighborhoods and spent time there. But I still don’t know the history behind it all.

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