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In William Faulkner  A Rose For Emily it  mostly pictures a women life full of insecurity. Which bounds her to become detached  from this world. For any one their fathers death gives them a feel of insecurity ,the loss of parents  can easily tell upon a person’s emotion.  And the same happens to her. But what makes it worse for her is that she was left with a house but no money. Though she was saved from paying taxes but she still had other issues in her life with men and society. This is a problem through out generation to generation.  In our world women are totally depended on men and their emotional dependence make them weak. The situation that she dealt with through out her life made her what she was. Not letting people berry her dead father makes a clear point that she had psychological issues. And the events through out her life made it worse. She couldn’t even be with the person she admired because of this society.

The point I’m trying to make here is we can never let our self change for others or let others dominate our life. Emily couldn’t  face the hardness of the society .She bow down to the society . She let the society dominate her so much that in one point when she couldn’t take it any more she decided to look her self her up in her own house. Created her own colorless world . For her that was the only way to tell the world to mind their own business. And specially when she society  effect her love relation.  Her cousin was called to deal with her relation. She was more effected .  Over all she had an emotional break down that she even gave up her artwork. When a person doesn’t have independence of any kind they fail towards creativeness .  So I guess her not providing any more painting classes shows that  after all she has been through she had nothing to offer to the society. And she waned to save what ever she was left with .

This story is short . But a lot of events related to each other and the events are not even in sequence. The idea of making a time  line for this story puts the evens in sequence and it helps the story unfold in a more understandable way.

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  1. I think it’s true that Emily couldn’t deal with the real society anymore, so she rather stay in the house for the rest of her life so she could get away from the reality. Although she wanted to live the way she wanted but the society and her father prevent her from doing so. Until her father died, she thought her life would be better after she met Homer, but it turn out that he couldn’t marry her. This made her felt desperate. She thinks that she couldn’t let herself change for others anymore, so she stay in her house. I sympathize her life, the story didn’t really talk about what kind of girl she was and how she grown up, but I don’t think she deserve this kind of life. Even throughout the whole story the people called her “Poor Emily”.

  2. After reading “A Rose for Emily”, I came to a similar realization, that Emily did what she did due to the insecurity in her life. The death of her father caused a major shift in Emily’s world: the sudden loss of the security her father’s presence provided. Emily hadn’t been married up till that point because her father was there to support her decision to remain single; seeing as this short story takes place in thee 19th century, a woman’s role in society was largely defined by the men around her. Being a spinster, her command over her own life would constantly be called into question now that there was no one of “true” authority around her. Approached with the prospect of such, as well as society’s demands that she now take on a new man in her life (marriage), it becomes quite understandable, why she would snap the way she did.

  3. I agree with what you are saying. In my opinion, throw out the story, I felt like she was always looking for a male figure to feel secure about herself. She wasn’t an independent female, instead, felt the need for someone to rely on, especially after her father’s death. The fact that society would sculpt her decisions, I felt, it made her a lot more indecisive and a lot more insecure. She had no one’s word to go by but her own and I felt like she never took on such a major role in her own life, that she didn’t even know what to do. Situations like these still happen now, and it is all based on gender roles and the cycles that society keep carrying. It makes the female gender look so frail, and Emily’s character proves that still in the 21st century.

  4. I also feel that insecurity was the reason behind Emily’s isolated world. Her father’s death came as a biggest shock in her life, and she was not ready to accept that fact. She tried to ignore it and convince others also that her father was alive, “She told them that her father was not dead.” But only for few days she was able to hold her heart, when the society forcefully buried her father, she completely broke down. Her father was the only support for her, and the only thing she was left with was the house. What could have been worse for woman like Emily who couldn’t get married, and whose father died leaving any support to her? It was just the end of the world for her; she isolated herself inside the four walls of the house and slowly the physiological illness was decaying her from the inside. Homer shined as a ray of hope for Emily but soon this happiness also collapsed like the house of cards. Again she was left alone with her loneliness. She didn’t wanted to be alone again, so she killed Homer and kept the dead body in the house so that she could have him in front of her eyes all the time. May be having the dead body in the house made her feel that she was not alone.

  5. A free and stable mind is what could be very imaginative and creative. It was no surprise she had to give up her creative work because she was not in the right state of mind. I do agree with you that women are generally over dependent on men and when there is a little betrayal from the men it causes an emotional break down for women. I believe women should learn to be independent in all aspects of their lives. I think Emily’s situation was not that different, she was single and had a strong bond with her father which made his death had a psychological effect on her. I believe if she was not over reliant on her father. The tenure of events might have been different because she will be able to overcome it easily.

  6. I believe that Miss Emily Grierson had isolated herself from the town once her father dead in a case of she had too much pride. When her father was alive she had high standards and now with him deceased she doesn’t know what it is like to not have special treatment. So with that being said, the house that was left to her hadn’t change as she remained the same, as the house is a symbol of herself. But, Miss Emily Grierson was only dependable on her father because that was the only true family she’s ever known, being alone is something she wasn’t used too.

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