“A Rose for Emily” Chronology

when Emily died, no one had seen the inside of her house in at least 10 years

house built in the 1870s?

Battle of Jefferson–people from it buried in the cemetery where Emily will be buried

1894: Colonel Sartoris releases Emily from the obligation of paying taxes

(Q: is this when Emily’s father died?)

next generation (20 years?): they want her to pay taxes, send notice 1/1, again in February, but she won’t pay. She looks small and fat, bloated

Colonel Sartoris died approximately 10 years before the next generation wants her taxes

30 years before they want her taxes: the smell; a week later, smell went away

2 years prior to the smell: her father died

the next day: Emily denied that he had died

three days later: she let them remove his body

a short time after her father died: Homer Barron left her

after the smell ended: Emily turned thirty, still single

gave china-painting lessons–8-10 years before they want to collect her taxes

a year prior, her 2 cousins visit, people pity her

buys poison = over 30

next day–they thought she’d kill herself

next Sunday: Emily and Homer driving down the street

the Sunday after: minister’s wife wrote to Emily’s family

people assume they’ll be married soon

Homer disappears, cousins leave after a week, then he reappears, then disappears again

Emily disappears into the house for almost six months

townspeople spread lime to get rid of the smell around the same time

age 40: teaches art class in her home

Negro man grows older–passage of time

Emily is secretive

Emily dies at age 74

back to the beginning: funeral

Negro man=servant, he leaves

funeral 2 days after she died

room upstairs hasn’t been open in 40 years–which is the time of the smell

room set up with wedding things for Homer


Homer’s body

an iron-gray hair=in her older age


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