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Satin (noun)- A smooth, glossy fabric, usually of silk, produced by a weave in which the threads of the warp are caught and looped by the weft only at certain intervals.

  1. ‘flowing skirts made of satin, chiffon, and velvet’ 
  2. [as modifier] ‘a blue satin dress’                    

“A slight girl of twenty-two, with narrow, sloping shoulders and delicate but well-turned arms and legs, she had, none the less an air of radiant, careless health. In vivid green and gold negligee and glistening brocaded mules, deeply sunk in the big high-backed chair, against whose dark tapestry her sharply cut face, with skin like yellow satin, was distinctly outlined, she wasn’t to use a hackneyed word-attractive.”

From: Quicksand: chapter 1, page 36

Helga Crane loves to wear bright colors whether it’s inside the house or outside. Therefore, she more pays attention to her skincare as well. For a women skin, care is the most important thing in order to look beautiful inside the cloths. Helga skin is very silky and soft like a Sation and it makes her look more attractive.

Source: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/satin