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Final final exam post

In class on Tuesday, we discussed some of the passages we had selected in our groups. We also talked about instructions for the exam and the logistics. I said that I would make final decisions. Here they are:

We narrowed down passages to the eight listed in the post on passages. Review those.

We talked about instructions and logistics about how many passages you need to write about, etc. Here are those answers:

  • How many passages will appear on the exam? Six
  • How many passages will you have to choose and write about? Three
  • How many different texts must you cover in total (identified and compared to)? Four (each passage you identify plus one from before the midterm)
  • For comparisons, how many from the first half of the class, and how many post-midterm? at least one from before the midterm

Finally, here’s a bonus: correctly completing Part 1 (identification) for the other passages will earn you extra credit!

In class I mentioned that now is the time to finalize your glossary entries. This means making sure you have 15, and making sure they have the right category (glossary) and are edited and revised as needed to follow the Glossary Project instructions.

Please ask questions here by replying to this post.