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Sharing out the group work, plus more

In yesterday’s class, we had lively group discussions about “The Yellow Wall-Paper” and “The Cottagette.” Each group has a representative who will report on what the group discussed. It would be good to treat this like you are responding to the topic for a post, so 300 words minimum, sharing the ideas and linking them to passages from the readings. Choose the category Homework, plus Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and add any tags you find relevant.

Since there were 5 groups, there will be 5 posts, although two groups will have repeat-posters (thanks in advance for your enthusiasm), let’s all comment on these as we would do for the regular bi-weekly posts. Add your thoughts to a different group’s conversation, and add anything to your group’s discussion that you think needs to be added.

So we’re not overwhelmed with too many posts, let’s have 3 more posts about “Hills Like White Elephants,” “The Hunger Artist,” or “Only the Dead Know Brooklyn.” Questions to follow (I’ll update this later today, just wanted to be sure there are three students interested in posting). Please respond to this post if you are interested in being one of these three posters!