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Belief in Hunger Artist

No, it is not possible to fast for that long and expect to be alive for all of it especially with out water. Any real person cannot survive without food for 3 weeks, so instead what is used is a suspension of belief.¬†What a¬†suspension¬†of belief is when a writer introduces something that can be a little¬†believable and makes it interesting, then it¬†would make the readers forget about reality and just focus on the story.¬†In¬†the version of¬†Cinderella that I read which was¬†“The Little Red Fish And the Golden Clog”.¬†There where many¬†occasions that wasn’t believable at all like¬†a fish that can talk and toxics that can make a person beautiful, but what made it ok was the emotions of Cinderella and¬†how she was being treated a version of suspension of belief. A another example, is a¬†super hero show called the¬†Flash¬†the main character was hit by lighting next to random chemicals. In real life a person would die by the chemicals and the lighting, but¬†it would be entertaining to see a human¬†get super speed¬†and it kind of makes sense. As the watcher you do not know what chemicals that¬†are used and with the way how science is¬†now it is possible.¬†The fact that the chemicals could of fuse with the lighting and in¬†return it gave¬†him¬†powers could be excused.


Definition(noun): a gust of wind, brief light of snowfall, a short period of things happening at once.


In the short story “Bia Lowe: I Always Write About My Mother When I Start To Write.” The word flurry was used in the third paragraph and it said. “But at that moment, as I watched her reel in a flurry of smells and powders, I must have felt myself to be quite separate from her.” When I first read this sentence I didn’t think too much of the word because I felt it wasn’t important to understanding the sentence. Now that I actually look up the word I feel that it gives the reader of more vivid picture of what is going on. As I understand it is she/he, the main character saw and smelled her/his mom put on the makeup and perfume and it happen to come together around her mom to make a beautiful sight. To better explain it is a picture bellow.

Image result for flurry of snow

Pretend that the snow around is the powder and smell, if it had a physical form and the baseball player is the mom.