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refuse to accept or be associated with. Reject.


word is found in chapter 14 “Quicksand”

”In America Negroes sometimes talked loudly of this, but in their hearts they repudiated it.”

here Helga Crane is justifying her new life was now pleasing to her as it satisfied her “self-importance”, but to her the Negroes embrace the idea of being themselves on the surface not within their hearts as she believed they wanted to be more like the “whites” rather than black.



having little or no money


found in chapter 13 “Quicksand”

”with that sensation of lavish contentment and well-being enjoyed only by impecunious sybarites waking in the houses of the rich”

This was perhaps describing Helga her self as the one who is not quite affluent  but still Indulges in luxuries of the rich.



: a place in the water where a ship stops and stays when anchored or at a wharf. 2 : a bed on a ship or train. 3 : an amount of distance kept for the sake of safety. We gave the haunted house a wide berth.


This word is found in chapter 2 of  “Quicksand” It was used in reference to Helga hoping to get boarding on a train in midst of her hasty departure from Naxos.



a pleasantly sharp and appetizing flavor.

the quality of being pleasantly stimulating or exciting.

source: google dictionary

This word was taken from chapter 2 of “Quicksand” by Nella Larsen.  It was used in the context referring to Helga Crane’s joy of leaving Naxos as stated “she was now in love with the piquancy of leaving.”