Project #2 thesis statement drafts

thesis statements for Project #2:

An annotation about the Great Migration would be helpful for readers because the Great Migration is symbolic of Helga’s migration through her quest for contentment.

  • reflect on Great Migration annotation
  • think about it in the context of a few examples
    • Naxos to Chicago
    • Chicago to NY
    • What’s at stake with leaving Harlem for Copenhagen? for the South?
    • somewhere along the way: glossary entry references

Color is important for Helga, and a sticking point in contrast to others who want people of color to blend in or to stand out. Knowing background about fashion trends and who was supposed to wear color and who avoid it would help readers consider Helga’s dilemma with her appearance.

[Helga Crane is told that colored women should not wear bright colors but should wear dull or not bright colors. But what should be known is that the color of the clothing would depend on whether you were a working woman or a housewife.]

Because of her time in Copenhagen, Helga truly feels like an outsider.

Copenhagen is such a culture shock that Helga feels like an outsider not just because of her race but also because of ??? and ???.

Understanding the demographics of the 1920s can illuminate how racism affects Helga’s decision about marriage and having children.

2 thoughts on “Project #2 thesis statement drafts

  1. Linh Ngo

    I would like to do a thesis statement on migration, and how it affect Helga on places went. How she was treated in Naxos ,Chicago NY, and going to the south. I think with this topic it would be a little better for me to understand what to write for my paper. Please give me some feed back on this.

    1. Jody R. Rosen Post author

      Migration is certainly an important force in Helga’s story. What do you think your argument would be? You’ll need a draft of a thesis statement to help give you some direction. At least one of your classmates is writing about the Great Migration. Is that what you have in mind?

      Are you thinking of something like:
      Helga’s need to move to a new location emphasizes her lack of belonging anywhere.
      Helga’s moves from Naxos to Chicago and New York echo the Great Migration; however, her return to the South is a departure from that pattern.

      I hope these suggestions help.


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