Of or befitting a slave or a menial position

This would be my second vocabulary word for the project, found in the book “Quicksand”. This word was stated by Helga Crane when she was describing what kind of place Naxos was. “She could no longer abide being connected with a place of shame,lies hypocrisy,cruelty,servility and snobbishness”. She wanted to forget and leave this place that she despised so much.

One thought on “Servility

  1. Jody R. Rosen

    You can write this glossary entry as everyone has been all semester, rather than including reference to Project #2 or it being the second glossary entry.

    Your final sentence is very general. Can you incorporate what you now know Helga can’t abide by–what each of these terms mean? Why is this particular word striking in the context of Naxos, of its population? You might need to quote the line before and/or after to give a richer context for your reader, whom we can assume will not go back and read the whole paragraph from the novel. That’s your job instead!


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