Inefficiency – the quality or state of being inefficient

The word inefficiency which was found on page 9, it quoted  “It had grown into a machine. It was now a show place in the black belt, exemplification of the white rain’s magnanimity, refutation of the black man’s inefficiency” in this quote the word was used toward a black man which stated black man aren’t capable and useless, this just show racism in my opinion. This is saying that black man is not capable to do things, example work, or being successful in society.

2 thoughts on “Inefficiency

  1. Jody R. Rosen

    Here, you’ve chosen a correct definition of inefficientcy, but how can you understand what the word means if you don’t understand what inefficient means? Try not to use the word or a form of the word in the definition so that you can get a better sense of its meaning. The other definitions would all be more explanatory.

    It’s really important, though, to understand all of the words in the sentence to understand what the narrator is telling us. In the line “refutation of the black man’s inefficiency,” the narrator isn’t saying that black men are inefficient, not capable, or useless. It’s actually the opposite, since the narrator says it is a refutation. Look this word up to see that it’s changing the meaning of the rest of that phrase.


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