Quicksand and Project #2

roman a clef: look this up to understand more about biography read into fiction

Annotation: a separate document that can illuminate the novel in some way

Sources for Project #2: use at least 3 sources as you write your research annotation

Add a bibliography: in MLA format, we call it a Works Cited list

2 glossary annotations: like the ones you do for class already, but chosen wisely

Sample: I will link us to samples for a different class using a different text.

Copenhagen: racially homogeneous community, so what does this mean for Helga?

Helga’s 4 suitors

  1. James Vayle
  2. Dr. Anderson
  3. Axel Olsen
  4. Reverend Mr. Pleasant Green
  5. Or: what does Helga say about marriage?

Find a passage that represents their relationship, discuss it, and be prepared to share it with the class.

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