Ways of thinking about Helga Crane

How can we organize our discussion of Quicksand?

Geographical surroundings: The South (at Naxos); Chicago; New York; Denmark…

The Race Question: look at how Helga interacts with people of different races

Class surroundings: in New York with people of different socioeconomic status; Helga’s own relationship to money and class

Color (both race and not)

Family: as an orphan; as someone who has to tell her story; in relation to Uncle Peter; in relation to her mother and father; in relation to her Danish relatives

In relation to other characters: Mrs. Hayes-Rore; Anne Grey; Dr. Anderson (early and mid); James Vayle (early and mid); Uncle Peter.

Loves NY! Depressed and lonely!–no location can continue to make her happy until she reconciles what is troubling her. She’s trying to find joy in other things instead of finding joy in herself. She doesn’t want to be anything, not comfortable being anything.

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