Ignominy (noun) – deep personal humiliation and disgrace

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ignominy

“”Oh, yes! I remember about you now. I’d forgotten for a moment. Well, he isn’t exactly your uncle, is he? Your mother wasn’t married, was she? I mean, to your father?” “I–I don’t know,” stammered the girl, feeling pushed down to the uttermost depths of ignominy.” (Larsen, pg. 61)

Helga met her Mr. Nilssen’s wife who had told Helga that Mr. Nilssen is not her uncle because her own parents were not married so there is no relation between the two. Which made her feel humiliated because she didn’t even know that her parents were not married and has shown up to Mr. Nilssen’s house for a uncle that is not her uncle.

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