Helga’s Relationships

Throughout the first couple of chapters that I have read I could already see conflicts brewing due to Helga’s race. She is the daughter of a white Danish woman and a African American jazz musician. We don’t really see Helga’s father because he left her and his wife when Helga was born (might be wrong). Due to this she is a mix of both races. She has a hard time expressing her true feelings. Helga has a hard time fitting in society, she does not “feel at home” whether it’s with the black people or the white people. Even at the school that she teaches she cannot really fit in, just because she is a mixed race. In my opinion being a mixed race does not mean that you cannot fit anywhere, it should be the other way around, where you can see and live  the life of both races. Anyway, the biggest dilemma in the story would be whether or not Helga can find a place called home, without there being anyone to judge her because of her mixed race.  In Naxos she had no time to relax or rest from any thoughts ” ever since her arrival, she had striven to keep these ends of the days from the intrusion of irritating thoughts and worries”.  No matter what she does or goes, there will always be a shadow casting down upon her, reminding her that she cannot fit in any group. Although she will face these troubles, I think she will overcome and find a place that she can call home.

—- Do you think Helga will wonder aimlessly without being welcomed anywhere throughout the whole story, or will she be able to cross her racial boundary ?


5 thoughts on “Helga’s Relationships

  1. Muhammad Qasim

    I think that at some point in the story, she will find someone who will love her for who she is. In the first few chapters, Helga is struggling is find someone who will appreciate her and be with her. Her own family hates her, and only one of her uncles is nice to her. Also, it was mentioned that Helga’s anxiety causes her to not be committed to relationships. She left James Vayle because she felt shame, and James’ family hated her. If she continues to be afraid to commit, she might not ever find someone. This anxiety may be connected to her mixed race, which makes her think that no one will accept her.

  2. Giselle Martinez

    I think that she will try to find acceptance in others from both race. She will probably try to find a way to fit in, but neither one accept her. I think she should be who she is and shouldn’t try to find acceptance in others. To find happiness within herself. She should learn how to love herself, she doesn’t need approval of others. Although it might be hard, I believe its the best thing she should grow because she’s mixed and be proud.

  3. olakunle ilori

    eventualy helga will leave naxos and go to find another plae where she can belong.The real reason that helga cannot fit in id becuase shes in the south where the mixing of “races” is looked down upon and loathed.She will eventually find a home if she leaves the soiuth.

  4. Linh Ngo

    She did decided to leave Naxos, to look for a better place for herself, not just to fit in but be able to love herself. Her conflicts were not being able to fit in, because how the people in Naxos were all judging and not accepting her for being mix races. In my opinion this is the biggest reason why she don’t feel happiness, and the fact that her father might have left her at a young age and she couldn’t feel the love from her father. All these events eventually leads to her depression and self conflicts, it all just bring her into a very dark place in life.

  5. Charlie Caron

    I think the constant talk of “the race problem” is indicative of how racially charged America was at the time, regardless of wherever Helga goes. Everywhere in America she will be too black for the white people and possibly too white for the black people. I think what would really make her happy would be the chance to not have people judge her/focus on her because of her racial make up. Its just unclear if the story will give her that chance, as in her world will change, or if she will have to live with it forever or get over it.


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