Non-romantic relationships (group discussion)

In my group discussion we talked about the non-romantic relationships in both stories. The yellow wallpaper really stood out for us  because there was a lot of connections in that story.  What really stood out to us is that the john’s wife  never was given a name. We had some disagreements about whether or not her name is Jane.  Some believe that her name is Jane, others believe that Jane is the name of the woman in the wall, some believe that it was a typo for John’s sisters name Jennifer, I believe that Charles made a great point about how when someone is unidentified they call them Jane Doe. We made many connections with John’s wife becoming one with the wallpaper and thats exactly how she is. A women trapped all day long, unable to express emotions and very tied down.  Due to the fact that she was unable to express her feelings  because then everybody think she’s crazy, she starts to connect and become one with this wallpaper.  She starts to rip the wallpaper off-the-wall and she bites into it because she feels like if that wallpaper stays up there that somehow she’s going to get trapped into it.  She does not care what’s going to happen if she does it she doesn’t care that her husband fainted, she’s just going to use him as a step stool to rip off more of the wallpaper. Unfortunately, the Yellow wallpaper was so interesting with all these meanings and connects that my group did not get to talking about the relationship in The Cottagette so my group members have a great comment opportunity to talk about the non romantic relationships in that story and also they can state who they believe is Jane in the Story the yellow wallpaper.

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  1. Linh Ngo

    I definitely agree with the fact that the name part was very mysterious, because the narrator didn’t have a name. It could have been that the story was a first person point of view, and that could be the reason why the narrator name was never mention in the story, because the person telling the story is her. On the other hand we know what her husband name is (John) is almost like the story is told by whats on the narrator mind. Even though we might not know her name or who she is, we know that there was something wrong with the narrator. The way the story was told by the narrator makes it seem like she is trap in this world with her depression, and obsession. It was clear that the narrator is seeing things, and feeling like she was trap. The Yellow Wallpaper was definitely an interesting story, full of mystery and plot twist, and it give me a horror vibe feeling to it.


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