The Hidden One/The Little Glass Slipper

The first story that I read was The Hidden One by Aaron Shepard. Which had similar storylines but the first difference I noticed was that it was two fully related sisters and the younger one as being tormented by the older one. She used to burn her with fire and chopped off her long hair so they started calling her Little Scarface. Another big difference was that there was an invisible man called the hidden one who was looking for his match and could only be seen by his true love and all the young woman wanted to be that. The hidden ones sister would test girls and turns out the younger sister was his true love. However she would’ve never known if she didn’t stand up to her sister and be brave enough to actually try. In the end she got the happily ever after because she was beautiful inside and out.


Another story that I read was The Little Glass Slipper by Charles Perrault. I realized this version of the story was extremely similar to the original Cinderella story that I grew up reading. The entire story was basically the same idea and concept but the details in the story were just a tad different. The details were pretty minor when you compare it to the entire story. Both the stories had the same protagonist which was the beautiful and kind Cinderella who was put in the same position. They were both challenged to deal with evil stepsisters who try and destroy cinderella because they are insecure with their own selves. This version was more condensed and the stepmom wasn’t really a main villain the step sisters were.

The most important part of both of these stories was that  a kind heart can get you so much and although people may confuse it for a weakness it’s actually the opposite. It actually takes a lot of strength to remain as sweet as they both did. Also they both have courage and bravery after a long day of hard work, Cinderella still finds the courage to say, “I may be treated like a housemaid, but I deserve to go to the royal ball, too!” She takes a chance to go with her stepfamily, even though it doesn’t end well. And even when that happens, she’s still risks a ride in a pumpkin carriage to spend time finally feeling the way she deserves. And Little Scarface was brave enough to stand up for herself and find her true love regardless of people bullying her. Despite their tough circumstances they still choose to be kind and brave, to preserve through any obstacle.

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