Sheen (noun) –  a bright or shining condition


From ” I Always Write About My Mother When I Start to Write” by Bia Lowe

“I loved to watch her stand over the sink. The sheen of her slip in the bathroom light slid
over the curves of her body like my finger in a bowl of frosting.”

Bia Lowe uses this word to describe the brightness of her mother’s dress, which may be velvet, in the bathroom light and shows the reader that it is glowing. Sheen basically means bright or luster texture on the surface.


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  1. Jody R. Rosen

    Good that you got started with your first glossary entry! Be sure to choose the category Glossary so you can get credit for your work!

    In your explanation, you say that it’s the mother’s skin that has sheen, but in the story it’s the slip that has sheen. What fabric would have a sheen?

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