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Terms of Composition
Each Monday first thing, tape (to the black board), the selection you have found that defines the compositional term of the week. You must have all terms by semester’s end. See schedule of presentations.

Select a commercial work such as: ads, posters, book covers, self mailers, package design, CD and DVD covers, game box covers etc. Commercial means the work is trying to sell something. Each week read the word that will be due and its definition in the handout. copy it to the definition page you will attach to your sample. Then look up the word in the dictionary & read it. Look for a visual use of the word in a designed piece. Describe the sample in the tracing overlay in colored pencil using a graphic representation showing how the term is used. You will describe the piece using three methods:

• by writing a short paragraph (at least 3 sentences)
• by using colored pencils on a tracing overlay to visually show how you identify the principle
• and orally in your presentation to the class. Additional terms also apply and will be discussed in class.

Sample must be an actual objecteither clipped, or printed out from photo. In color. If smaller than full paper size,enlarge to fit proportionately as will best fill the 8.5 x11 page. If downloaded from the internet, resize at 300 dpi so it will print without being pixelated. Please  ONLY use Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary when checking on words. High School  or internet dictionary definitions are not acceptable.*

1: Rhythm 6: Interval 11 /12:

Pattern (Note there are two kinds you must find samples for): similarity and proximity

2: Texture 7: Density 13 /14: Distance; Depth (Note you must find two separate samples)
3: Movement 8: Proportion 15 /16:
Symmetry/Asymmetry (Note you must find two separate samples)
4: Tone 9: Balance 17: Axis
5: Scale 10: Contrast 18: Space
19: Transparency

Format: Size: 9” x 12”. Mounted on Bristol, Tracing paper overlay. Name of principle of organization of composition selected should be at the bottom of the tracing paper overlay. Copy the dictionary definition on the back of the mounted sheet on an 8.5” x 11”copy paper. Write a paragraph (at least three sentences) describing your analysisof how it is working in the sample below the definition. Attach to the back of the work, with your name, Course and Section number and the date due. (As in the sample shown in class).

*Merriam Webster’s Eleventh Collegiate Dictionary. No high school or internet versions accepted.

Keep in a separate folder. Will be collected at mid term and final. Presentation will count.