Project #2 Squares/meaning

Project #2: Squares and Graphic Expression

Using four black squares all the same size, create a graphic image to express the meaning of each of the
following 6 words:







For each word:

– Prepare by cutting squares in groups of 4 or more.  Cut groups of  3/4″, 1″, 1 !/4″ ,  1 1/2″,  1 3/4″ squares

– Map the groupings in each square on the handout sheet. You must have 6 ideas per word.

– Lay a tracing paper on top (9 x 12) and trace all 6 ideas for the one word onto the tracing paper. Be sure to include the one word you are working with (circle it and trace it).

– Use only 4 square of the same size per frame.

– For the final work, you may have a different size set of 4 squares in each frame.

For each of the words you will have:

6 variations for one word on tracing paper.

You will be selecting and completing the best one to finalize the project on a larger square.  (See Page 2

either in sidebar pdf or in handout)

Project#2 measurements