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Internship: week 8

Hello stranger! I am very happy to see you at my site šŸ˜€

This weekĀ at my internship I kept working on the website development. It reached 120 required hours for my class yet I will keep working at this place as I enjoy working here and my boss was happy having me there so far. Since there is mostly coding that I do now, I will be workingĀ  remotely from home. I learned many new things as well as gained valuable experience in my field of interest. This is very important for me, since at my previous work placesĀ I often felt like I was wasting my time (doing technical support and customer service). It is now when looking back, I do realize that every kind of experience is definitely a plus and everything we do teaches us something weather we want it or not.

I want to concludeĀ  with the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Keep dreaming and believe in your dreams! They do come true, you just need to pay close attention. šŸ™‚

Ā©Roksolana Ivashkevych Photography

Thank you.

Internship: weeks 6,7

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Ā©Roksolana Ivashkevych Photography

In this post I decided to add this image as for me it symbolizes hard work and perseverance. Why would I talk about it? Because these two weeks were rather complicated and required a lot of hard work and energy from me. At my internship, we moved to coding of the site,Ā  building the theme from scratch and editing it using PHP. I needed to do a lot of reading of WordPress Codex, searching Youtube for related videos and the information there is not always clear and so it is very time consuming. Do not get me wrong, I like to learn new things, just sometimes they are hard to comprehend.

I really like one quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” It always keeps me motivated and pushes me to try new things which otherwise I would be scared to even start. I believe that the only thing that might keep us from doing something we want to try is the fear in our own head which is subjective in majority of cases. This fear would make us procrastinate or even keeping from starting as it blocks our self belief. This was the case with my internship work. I was scared to do some complex things which I did not know in the beginning, Yet the consistency and willingness to proof my fears wrong helped me on the way.

Never give up and be your own hero! Stay tuned…

Internship: week 5

Hello again and thank you for visiting my mini-blog.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about eternity and transience of life. As we go through life, we enter different stages gaining experiences; and each moment leaves a trace of memory and each person or thing that we encounter adds to our greater world perception as well as the idea of what it means to be alive. I wanted to say that I am very grateful for a chance to have internship in an environment that is very peaceful to my soul and gives me positive emotions and thoughts. It is art that makes our life colorful. As Picasso once said, ‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.‘ To me, art is a rainbow on the sky after a rainy day.

Ā©Roksolana Ivashkevych Photography

On the week 5 I finally moved to the stage of creating wiferames and mockups for the website. We implemented few ideas of how to make the site simple and easy to navigate. Since there will be a lot of photos on the site, it is of a great importance to figure out how to minimize the loading time of each page and make user experience pleasant and engaging.

Stay tuned…

Internship: week 4

Hello reader and welcome to my mini blog šŸ™‚
My 4th week of the internship was a lot of fun. I had a chance to see the art creation process in the studio. Model came in and was posing for the portrait. She is a muse to the artist – my boss. The profess of painting creation starts with many drawing sketches under different lighting set up, the next step is either painting or sculpture of the model.
As for my work, I continued working on he content creation as well as started to map out the sitemap – the website structure. As I am not allowed to share the information about the site in progress, I am posting a picture of the art creation which I secretly took.

Thank you and stay tuned…

Internship Week 3

Hello and welcome to my web page.
I am excited to have my internship at the creative art studio. It has been 3 weeks since I started working here. First few week here was a time of getting used to the space and the atmosphere at the studio as well as getting a fill of what the work day looks like.
During these three weeks, I continued a Photoshop work of retouching images and creating collages to prepare to be uploaded on the website. I like everything so far and look forward to start working on the site.

Ā© Roksolana Ivashkevych Photography

Stay tuned…

Internship Weeks 1-2

I was hired as an intern to assist the artist in everything related with digitizing his art as well asĀ  to take part in the process of creating online presence for the studio. During the first four weeks of my internship, I was mostly creating content for the website, which included taking photos of the paintings, drawings and sculptures in the studio. The next step was enhancing the art in Photoshop as well as helping to create collages.

Before this internship, I was working full time in office spaces, performing sales and technical support for electronic devices. From what I see now, I prefer much more an artistic place to the regular office with cubicles and formal attire. I can definitely say, that I enjoy the creative atmosphere of my internship work place. The art creation process I see everyday is very inspiring and motivational for me. Also, I learned that it take a lot of effort and perseverance to be a full time artist, as well as a lot of courage. As Albert Einstein once said, “genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work”.

Ukraine. Carpathian Mountains
Ā©Roksolana Ivashkevych Photography

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Internship Interview (week 2 assignment)


I would like to share my experience of Interview for the Internship that I have recently had.

In the beginning I have searched through many companies that were looking for a web designer. And to those that have caught my interest, I sent out my resume and portfolio. Yet I did not have a feeling that I found some company that I would really want to spend my time on.

Then I decided to change my approach and search by my skills and activities that I liked the most. This way I found some galleries looking for Graphic Designers and one art studio looking for Web Developer Intern. To my surprise, I received a reply from the Art Studio inviting me for the interview.

A week later, I came to the interview. I must mention that I was very excited about this specific internship position from the minute I entered the studio. There were many paintings of different sizes, finished and in progress. Also numerous, amazingly well done sculptures resembling Greek and Roman statues at the studio. I loved the space from the first glance and realized that I want to have internship exactly here.

Once I met the artist, he explained that they are working on the website for the studio and need intern to help the main Wed Designer with the web developing process. Also, artist would need graphic design work, like Photoshop editing and collage creation, as well as some work in InDesign. I said right away that I love the studio and started to explain about the kind of work i did before. I was asked to do some Photoshop image manipulations as well as to read some code. I did the required tasks. Next, I was asked questions to say few words about myself and why would I want to work there. I shared my passion for art and said that I really hope to be chosen to be an intern at this studio.

After another week, I received a call saying that I was accepted for the position. I was very excited because this was the place that I really would want to work at and practice my web design skills as well as photography related tasks. I am very lucky to start my internship in such a creative atmosphere.