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Week 7 Assignment – Digital Storefront

Digital Storefront (electronic storefront, cyber storefront, e-storefront, online storefront, virtual storefront) is an e-commerce solution for merchants who want to host a website that offers goods and/or services for sale, advertises their products or services and for which consumer transactions are generated online; and which the customers or ‘window shoppers’ can visit at any time and from anywhere. It includes: Product display, online ordering software, inventory management applications, billing and online payment system, and payment processing software, Web analytics, secure socket layer (SSL) security, Web2Print, etc.

Web2print storefront: is a digital solution provided by web2print companies for people who want to perform printing business for companies and businesses. It allows to create and sell stationary, promotional printing (marketing elements), print on clothing, print on mugs etc. Here is a video I found which helps to understand what is web2print storefront https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJW1X_Uk7u0

  1. Overview of the application.

One example of the storefront Application offering Web2Print solution is Webtools4print. They offer services like website building, Ecommerce implementation, Designing tool as well as customized personalized “storefront” for each unique visitor. 2. Competitors in this space:

In USA similar companies are: Red-Tie, PrintSites, efi, Design’N’Buy, MyPrintCloud, Web2print Experts, Rocket Print Software, OnPrintShop, Propago, Gelato, PageFlex, Pixopa, Print Science, Pixl Park, Avanti Systems, B2CPrint, PrintingForLess.

3. How would it be used and applied to a designers job function.

In my opinion, there is a lot of opportunity for the designer’s skills implementation in Storefront tool. This includes coding websites, designing appearance of the e-Commerce (online store), designing templates for Web2Print solutions.

Thank you