Internship Weeks 1-2

I was hired as an intern to assist the artist in everything related with digitizing his art as well as  to take part in the process of creating online presence for the studio. During the first four weeks of my internship, I was mostly creating content for the website, which included taking photos of the paintings, drawings and sculptures in the studio. The next step was enhancing the art in Photoshop as well as helping to create collages.

Before this internship, I was working full time in office spaces, performing sales and technical support for electronic devices. From what I see now, I prefer much more an artistic place to the regular office with cubicles and formal attire. I can definitely say, that I enjoy the creative atmosphere of my internship work place. The art creation process I see everyday is very inspiring and motivational for me. Also, I learned that it take a lot of effort and perseverance to be a full time artist, as well as a lot of courage. As Albert Einstein once said, “genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work”.

Ukraine. Carpathian Mountains
©Roksolana Ivashkevych Photography

Thank you and stay tuned…

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