Internship Interview (week 2 assignment)


I would like to share my experience of Interview for the Internship that I have recently had.

In the beginning I have searched through many companies that were looking for a web designer. And to those that have caught my interest, I sent out my resume and portfolio. Yet I did not have a feeling that I found some company that I would really want to spend my time on.

Then I decided to change my approach and search by my skills and activities that I liked the most. This way I found some galleries looking for Graphic Designers and one art studio looking for Web Developer Intern. To my surprise, I received a reply from the Art Studio inviting me for the interview.

A week later, I came to the interview. I must mention that I was very excited about this specific internship position from the minute I entered the studio. There were many paintings of different sizes, finished and in progress. Also numerous, amazingly well done sculptures resembling Greek and Roman statues at the studio. I loved the space from the first glance and realized that I want to have internship exactly here.

Once I met the artist, he explained that they are working on the website for the studio and need intern to help the main Wed Designer with the web developing process. Also, artist would need graphic design work, like Photoshop editing and collage creation, as well as some work in InDesign. I said right away that I love the studio and started to explain about the kind of work i did before. I was asked to do some Photoshop image manipulations as well as to read some code. I did the required tasks. Next, I was asked questions to say few words about myself and why would I want to work there. I shared my passion for art and said that I really hope to be chosen to be an intern at this studio.

After another week, I received a call saying that I was accepted for the position. I was very excited because this was the place that I really would want to work at and practice my web design skills as well as photography related tasks. I am very lucky to start my internship in such a creative atmosphere.

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