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Laser Cutting Notes

CityTech Laser Cutting Info!equipmentlaser-cutting/c1120

Cut (Blue), Score (Green), Etch (Red), Raster Engrave (Orange)

Remember to double check with the CLT about which materials are safe to use or visit the website

Printing a tongue and groove box

Printing gears

Using gears in Inkscape

Extensions > Render > Gear

Adjusting the number of teeth will make your gear ration larger or smaller.

Adjust the Circular Pitch and Pressure Angle changes the teeth profile. When you are designing your gears keep these settings the same to make sure your gears fit together.



Project Guide

Guidelines for project:

  1. Report 2 Page
    1. Who is it for?
      1. Age, Demographics
        1. What design choices or usability choice did you make for your project based on Demographics?
    2. What is it for?
      1. Teaching, Tool, Entertainment
        1. How are you going access if it is fun or a good teaching tool?
    3. Why does this need to exist?
      1. What goals will your project achieve
    4. When will it be used?
      1. Time, Place, Location
        1. Explain how Time, Place, Location, etc affect how your project is being used?
        2. Explain how specifically your project is affect by Time, Place, etc
          1. ie. Materials Used
          2. Sensors
    5. How Does it work? (Diagram)
  2. Present a 3D model of project
    1. top
    2. left
    3. bottom
    4. perspective
  3. Parts list
    1. Senors
    2. Components – Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, etc
  4. Materials List
    1. Wood, ABS, PLA, etc
    2. Fastening
      1. Screw types – Size
      2. Glues
  5. Sketches/Mood Board