CDMG 1111

Visual Quote project



For this image i made a racing track and put the words around it. Runners should not worry about how fast they are going but making it through the finish line without stopping.





quote-project-3-v1This image is constructivism in where  I used shapes and lines. Triangle represents a rocket with lines that indicate the fire and speed. Circle is an unknown planet with text being around it.







quote-project-2-v1In this image i seperated the text into parts as it is scaling up. The zig zag lines represents a crazy journey going left and right. Stop word is a bit bigger than the rest indicating too never stop.



Field Trip: Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum of Design



RCA Victor Special Phonograph, ca. 1935

This phonograph was designed by the RCA Manufacturing Company, Incorporated and Heifetz. Its made out of aluminum and other various metals where you can see around being silver. In the 1930’s, phonographs applied music entertainment while today we use our smartphones to listen to music. Its easy to carry around so you could listen whenever you go. I’m a fan of music so this phonograph caught my attention and its a cool design. This is a good throwback to where the music industry was more artistic back then.



Algol 11 Television, 1964

This television of the 60’s was designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Zapper and was manufactured by Brionvega. The design of the television looks very funny and unique. Its made up of molded plastic, Perspex, and chromium plated metal. Its a small television with a curved tv screen. It also has a handle for easy carrying. A small design for a tv but effective nowadays televisions are flat screens and all look the same.



New World Radio, 1933

This radio was designed by Raymond Loewy and manufactured by Colonial Radio Corporation. This radio was made during the great depression and costed a lot of money $60. It was a huge success in the radio industry. The speaker is in the base and the metal ring has two knobs on the sides to control power, volume, and station tuning. Radios have been designed in different forms over the years and this one of the successful ones.

Revised Visual Quote Project

The changes that I made were putting the guy who said the quote on the triangle. I changed the text font to give it a space feel.


I added Confucius and fixed the text a bit.


Logo History


Video Project

For this project I had to interview Silvia Nara. I felt a bit pressured because we had little time to record our videos. To be quite honest I hate editing videos because is too much time just trying to edit a short video. I struggled a bit but it turned out okay tho there was a lot noises in the background. Its easy recording but its hell when editing a video.