About Me

My Interests have always been related to technology and art. From a young age I started playing video games and during my middle school years I had received my first computer as a birthday gift. In an effort to avoid being in chorus for another year, I signed up for studio art in seventh and eighth grade. To my surprise, I discovered that I possess some artistic ability and really enjoyed the creativity and freedom that art involves.

I continued to pursue my artistic ability through my first half of high school, using up all of my elective slots to take art classes such as drawing and painting, sculpture and photography. However, in my sophomore year one class really stuck out to me; that class was Graphic Design. I’d look forward to that class every day and was fascinated by the endless possibilities of art pieces you could create using Adobe Photoshop. I fell in love with graphic design as it combined two of my favorite interests, art and technology.

My teacher recognized my interest in the class and recommended that I sign up for a two-year technical school program for Graphic Arts at Gerald R. Claps Career and Technical Center in Levittown, New York. I really enjoyed the program and learned many useful skills including how to operate a printing press, an AMAYA Embroidery machine and a Konica Minolta Digital Color Copier, as well as how to design a logo and various elements of the printing and graphic design industries.