Entry Four : My First Reference Shooting

On my first week on the job as their intern, my teammate and Visual Problem Solver, Kadeem Davis had assigned me my first out-field job. It was to go on a reference shooting, not only with him, but also with other interns/teammates. Reference shooting is we would take photos and videos of anything we see that is interesting or it maybe a good reference to use to look back. The reason why Kadeem set up this activity was for an upcoming in-the-making video for the YouTube Channel.

We went to a forest-like field where it is nearby the office in Hempstead, Long Island. There, I met two other interns, Shawn and Nanase. They also go to City Tech. Each intern had assigned task to do on this reference shooting project. Nanase’s task was to do behind-the-scenes of our adventures and whatnot. Shawn’s task was to be a “dummy” for perspective shots where he stands or sits. My task was to do reference shooting. It was my first ever to do something like this. At first I thought it would be an easy job, it was not. I had to look around and see if anything was interesting to me to take photos and/or videos. Although, at the same time, it was a fun activity to do with my teammates. I have gotten to learn and know more about my other interns I was working with, and experiencing how it feels to be doing something as this serious of a job as an intern.



Entry Three : What I do for 3rd Lounge Inc.

The role I do for this company is to come up with ideas and mockups for t-shirt designs. Also, I assist my teammates along with the company’s Visual Problem Solver, Kadeem Davis. As an Illustrator and designer, it is my job to provide open-ended ideas for this company to grow bigger. They had accomplished and succeeded in helping with numerous clients previously, and they wanted to go even further. The company has entrust me to help and provide endless ideas to make their very own merchandise branding. With having merchandise, 3rd Lounge Inc. will hopefully become known, especially on my team’s YouTube Channel.

How I gotten into this company? I had help and recommendation from Kadeem who had noticed my work for quite sometime. He thinks I have potential to help out his team as well as the company. I was arranged for an interview with the CEO, Ryan Wilson, however due to his overwhelming schedule, it never happened. Although, Mr. Wilson approved and loved my portfolio online as well as Kadeem gave him a good few words about me. In the end, Kadeem had already accepted and given me assignments to do on my first day. Mr. Wilson is happy and excited for me to be part of his company under and with Kadeem’s team.

Day after day in a week, I would send t-shirt design ideas back and forth to my teammate, Kadeem for his critique and feedback. Most of them were good while others needed more refining or make another version. As I keep making these t-shirt designs, I began to noticed and realized that I do not visually see my mistakes. I am very used to getting a project done quickly and submit it by the deadline due to my classes. Now that I am doing this job as their intern, I can see every little mistake I make when I illustrate or design something. Because of this, I am becoming more aware of what I am doing. Also, I can feel I am experiencing how it is to be in a design company. It is serious hard work to be doing, however I need this experience in order for me to prepare myself for the real world. I even realized being both an Illustrator and design is a tough job, but I love what I do.

Illustration concepts I have done as well as merchandise placements:


Brain Fart


Brain Fart on Tote Bag


Life As A Designer Representations: Pencil (top left) – Creating everyday. Person with Arrows (top right) – Changing lives. Thumbs Up (bottom left) – Motivation. Light Bulb (bottom right) – Inspiration.


Brain Fart on Mug




Mediation on Mug


Mediation on iPhone case


Mind Tricks

Entry Two : Weekly Saturday Projects

Every Saturday, my teammates and myself have to come up a concept of anything of any kind on our YouTube Channel called Kadeem and Friends. Before we launch our new concept idea into our channel, we go through a series of steps in order to finalize it. We brainstorm as many ideas as we can think of, minimize and cancel out “okay” ideas, pick and choose the best one, and go straight to storyboard as well as video production/editing. This process takes a whole week to do before adding the finishing touches.

For this Saturday of June 13, 2015 project, the concept we chose best to do is called Awkward Hugs and Touches. The reason why we chose this concept idea was for personal opinion and agreement. We, as people encountered different types of individuals out there. Hugs and touches varies depending on an individual. It can be from a mere acquaintance to not knowing who he or she is to a very close friend. Depending on the situation, how would you, as person hug another person? We discussed those variations of different hugs and touches for this upcoming video.

What I will be doing for the next upcoming days before Saturday’s launch, I will be assisting and helping my teammates, Kadeem Davis and Kelly to illustrate and produce characters, backgrounds into Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects as well as doing voice overs. Personally, it is a big load of work but I am enjoying this internship to make myself better and gain more knowledge.


Entry One : 3rd Lounge Inc.

For this summer semester of 2015 for my Internship class, I am currently working as an intern for 3rd Lounge Inc. What is 3rd Lounge Inc? As stated in their About page from their website, “3rd Lounge is a creative studio in the pursuit of building creative experiences with purpose on purpose. They do this through a unique process, which can be broken down into three simple steps: conceptualize the idea, create the solution and conquer the problem.” They do mostly graphic, print, motion, web, and branding. 3rd Lounge has been running since 2007 until presently. They had undergo with numerous clients previously.

The company’s CEO, Ryan Wilson is a creative director and brand architect, and their visual problem solver is Kadeem Davis. The office is a decent size considering they are a handful group, which are split into smaller groups to do specific tasks/projects. Their clients is anyone and anybody who are in a need of their service. The company is not afraid to take up on any project because they can conquer the problem.

My job as their intern is an Illustrator and assist my teammates. I am put into a small team who does visual and motion effects. One of my teammates is Kadeem Davis who I had mentioned is the Visual Problem Solver of the company. Also, he is a City Tech graduate, was a technician/tutor of City Tech’s Learning Center, and a good friend of mine. As their Illustrator, I provide mock-up T-shirt designs, come up with weekly concept ideas for their Youtube Channel called Kadeem and Friends, and assist them with anything they need.

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